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Yay for home. Currently quite exhausted after the ordeal of getting home. An hour delay in Newark meant missing the flight from DFW to LAX by about 5 minutes, necessitating a stay overnight in that crappy metropolis at American Airlines' expense. After a crappy night's sleep, crypto and I made it back to the airport, and managed to get back to LA. Currently, I'm quite tired; been up since about 2:00 am Pacific time. However, due to the wretched sun being up, I can't sleep. maybe in a few hours I'll finally be able to zonk out.

Lessons learned:

1) Always do round trip if possible. It's not worth the $50 savings to run the risk of being stuck.

2) American Airlines sucks. Most of the gate attendants were less than helpful in getting things taken care of; I was about to see how difficult it would have been to get from DFW to LAX via Southwest (not that much, $306 at the gate fare)

3) Texas sucks. It's hot and sticky and they don't believe in sidewalks. That state fails.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get to sleep sooner or later...I need it.
Tags: airlines, better off driving, texas, texas sucks, tired

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