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Estrogen, biochemical effects, and stuff they don't talk about
Conversation earlier today got me thinking. One of the big reasons I want to do this LJ is to log various changes to my body on the route I'm taking, be them chemical or otherwise. Warning, TG content follows

First off is the obvious, nipples. As anyone who was with me at SeaWorld a week and a half ago could tell, my nipples are stupid sensitive now. Pinching them just drives me nuts, and I can come real damn close to orgasm just playing with them. Considering a bra, just to help pad that area some more, but I still have no cup. Maybe use an ace bandage or something.

Masturbation. I really don't do it nearly as much. Before, I was 2-3 times a day usually. Haven't really felt the urge, and when I do, usually cockplay doesn't cut it. Plus, I've got to be slower, more about enjoying things than just rubbing one out. Quickies just don't work

Wet dreams. This is the odd one. Up until real recently, I never had them. Yeah I'd stroke off, but actual wet dreams were unheard of. Now, I seem to be having a few a week. Definitely something none of the TG friends I know told me before this.

Ejaculate. Definitely a lot thinner than before. Gone from being milky white to being a lot more clear. Probably all but sterile at this point, but that was known from the get go.

Breasts are still about the same size, as is my cock. Been told it takes a few months to start noticing things in those areas, definitely something I'm interested in. Breast growth seems very interesting, and I know some people will be disappointed that I really don't care that I'm giving up penis length for this

Overall, I have to say I'm liking the experience so far. emotions seem affected a bit, some stimuli seems to affect me more than it did before. Remains to be seen if I keep up with this or not.

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Several years in my cock is still about as big as it ever was. I may be a little lower dosage than is best for me, though. Really need to go legit someday.

And yeah, boobs will take a few months to get started. It takes time for a normal girl's tits to grow, and it takes time for ours too - longer, because we have this source of male biochemistry fighting them. Nipple sensitivity was pretty high at first, then ramped down; I find that an increase in nipple sensitivity tends to herald a bit of boob growth.

Feeling the change in emotions was very interesting. I was quite closed off beforehand, and I quickly realized that my estrogen levels were a push to emotion. Transition really made me aware of how much the brain is a part of the body, and is affected by its tides - I used to be very much of the view that body and mind are separate entities!

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