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Quick Poll
You're planning a dinner party with an apple founder, you can only invite one of them. Wozniak or Jobs?

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I don't know how Jobs would even be in contention...

Contemplating geek/marketing divides among other things. There are some, as the talented Mr Foxx proved, who would love talking marketing.

Ahh, that makes sense. Still, I'd pick Woz because he's awesome.

Jobs, personally. I'm big into marketing, and I'd love to chat about that with 'im...

Wozniak, he's still a hacker at heart.

Wozniak. At least Wozniak didn't gloat about stealing the concept of the GUI from Xerox and then get all pissy and huffy when Microsoft stole from him.

Woz, for true. Less mental breakdowns.

Woz. I'd ask if I could ride his Segway! D:

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