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Dear Google
Quit trying to fucking second guess me. Sure, giving suggestions as to misspelled words is a nice thing, but don't use those corrections without asking me. If I'm searching for mIRC, I don't want general IRC stuff. When I'm searching for comm, I don't want communication results. Making users have to use quotes to search for those so-called easily confused terms is an annoyance. I just want to search for a term, and if I don't get the results I'm looking for, then I'll look for other terms; otherwise, stay the fuck out of my way.

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In addendum: Quit changing the search results page just enough to break things like Inquisitor. Augh.

Googling for "M. R. Smith" automagically includes all "mr smith" hits, even with the quotes. I haven't found a way around it (yet).

Try using

"M,R, Smith"

it seems to help at least a little bit

when I search mirc, it doesn't give me general IRC stuff

comm gives the suggestion commonweath though x.x

Mabye google needs some butt secks.

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