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I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for all the neocons out there, defending their right to make a profit with the blood of my friends, my family, my neighbors.

I'm thankful for all the politicians out there, ensuring all that monsanto and archer daniels midland can continue to murder the small family farm.

I'm thankful for all the fundamentalist preachers out there, saying that some of us are less human than others, and are undeserving of compassion and hope.

I'm thankful for all the demagogues out there, saying that waterboarding is just fine, that we're better than the Japanese when they did it.

I'm thankful for all the apathetics and cowards out there, saying that things can't get better, and why bother trying.

I'm thankful for those who have forgotten our past, who ask what this country is all about.

I'm thankful for the lies spewed, for the people murdered, for the dreams ruined. I'm thankful for the hatred, for the ignorance, for the fear.

I'm thankful.

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Pessimistic, but pointed.

I'm just thankful that we live in a country where you or I could say somthing like that or be something outside of the norm, and not have to worry too much about being strung up in the town square for it.

There's a lot shitty about this world, but there are some good things that make the shitty parts worthwhile, and those are the things I'll be thinking of tomorrow...

It's why I posted it today. In a reflective mood today. Tomorrow will be the things I'm actually thankful for.

*hugs* reading that made me cry..

I'm thankful I just reread my Howard Zinn and Ray Mungo and am at least consoled that a) we managed not to blow ourselves up yet and b) this is at least business as usual here if the last 100 years are any indication. :) It's been a lot worse than this here, hon, and it's... well, it's kinda our job as the "counterculture" to worry ourselves silly about it when nobody else will. Hang in there, dear. *hug*

Thanks. Like I said, this is the righteous fury and anger version of giving thanks. Tomorrow is for the happy bouncy thanks.

I'm thankful for the pimps and the playa's and the freaks
I'm thankful for the foo's who just stand up there and PREACH
I'm thankful for the hypocrites who scream "RACE RACE RACE"
And I'm thankful for the inventor of that lovely thing called MACE.

It helps me deal with the first three. :3

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