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(no subject)
Dear internet,

Why does vista suck so badly at simple tasks like bluetooth?


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Oddly enough I am using Vista Home Premium and with a $6 bluetooth usb dongle I am able to skype with it and get it to talk to my RAZRV3xx. I have a moto HSB820 bt headset and it works fine with my lappy. So I guess whatever you're using is funky then, because my case is showing it can be done quite easilly. The only qualm I have had, is skype defaulting to my lappy speaker instead of the headset upon making a call, but easilly fixed.

The weird thing is that I can't pull up the bluetooth control panel menu at all. I try to manually run it and it goes, "duh, why are you clicking on this".

"Yes, you see, my anecdotal evidence is better than your anecdotal evidence, you plebeian."

Bluetooth in Windows has sucked since XP first rolled out on the market. The Bluetooth stack is terrible, and the third party ones aren't much better.

Two words: It's Vista. :P

I guess my Vista is being extra nice then. :P

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