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Careful out there...
Careful in your dealings with wolfgangcake. He has a tendency to act very irrational. More info will be coming soon, but here's a hint of the style of irrational thinking he engages in.

wolfgangcake> omii pushed me to the point of hurting him, stalking cat knows over 7 years and been greats friend he know better than of you

That's right, he hit programzeta because "the bitch done deserved it". Like I said, be careful before you deal with him.

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He also seems to have issues communicating in a coherent manner.

funny you judge me by my typing skills, not by one i am.

i don't judge, unless i get to know the person first. i know kes personal, he fucked over once, and once again. i was his mate never hit, or did anything bad to him. he cheated on me and never was loyal.

that tell you something about him.

do you know anything about me? no i think not. beside word of mouth.

(Deleted comment)
you want hear what happen, not the drama taur version?

(Deleted comment)
Crazy people? In my fandom?

It's more likely than you think!

when has this fandom become ours?

Well perhaps it warrants a taser in hand when dealing with em?

thanks for you being two faced to me.

I stick by my theory. "Fire is your best friend in these kinds of situations. GET IT ON 'EM!"

would you like to hear real story

funny kes, you like post bad thing about me on LJ, guess what this fall under harassment. you broke omii contract with me. this fall under you and crypto.

i am reporting this to LJ. thanks for you stupidy.

I'm sure LJ cares that someone quoted a single illiterate IRC line of yours.

While the "i'm reporting you" tactic might work on fagaffinity, LJ is administered in some semblance of propriety, and doesn't care what its users really say to each other. They'll tell you to go fuck yourself, except in possibly a nicer manner. :)

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