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Careful out there...
Careful in your dealings with wolfgangcake. He has a tendency to act very irrational. More info will be coming soon, but here's a hint of the style of irrational thinking he engages in.

wolfgangcake> omii pushed me to the point of hurting him, stalking cat knows over 7 years and been greats friend he know better than of you

That's right, he hit programzeta because "the bitch done deserved it". Like I said, be careful before you deal with him.

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funny kes, you like post bad thing about me on LJ, guess what this fall under harassment. you broke omii contract with me. this fall under you and crypto.

i am reporting this to LJ. thanks for you stupidy.

I'm sure LJ cares that someone quoted a single illiterate IRC line of yours.

funny that nothing close what i said at all. funny thing that those have been after for while. so i know that people take there said because they see them on irc all the time.

i am not a irc based fur, i either be watching tv, and drawing, or chatting and working on something that waste my time on irc.

So, to summarize:
- english r hrad
- Missing the point
- Watching TV is more constructive than IRC

when your watching tv you could be working on something, or drawing.

making fun of people typing still make you a better person?
i think not.

make you look like your trying to be better than them.

sadden me to see that.

specially from a socal based fur that seem nice at con.

I'm making fun of your typing because I honestly cannot figure out half of what you're trying to say.

that sadden me that you have make fun if someone with a disabled (aka: dyslexia)

i haven't made fun you and caused anything make you make fun of me. you judge people by typing skills. that show how shallow you can be.

sorry to see that.

This is the Internet. I can judge you only by what you write, and that is exactly what I am doing. I've known people with worse afflictions who made up for it just fine, and I don't appreciate that you hide behind it as an excuse while tossing out your own pathetic insults. You're a fucking coward.

ok if i see you at a con i will confront you, funny i have no problem confronting people face to face. i don't know if you do.



Actually, tongue out of cheek now, now you look like a VIOLENT shithead as opposed to just a dumbass. Thanks for validating Kes's original post. :)

No, Eevee's a better person because he demonstrates intelligence and the ability to form coherent thoughts, and even better, express them to others in a lucid manner.


funny i don't even know you, and you judge me for some small thing, show how shallow you are. show that you only know what you see.

what i see, it some one that doesn't even what to try know whom i am or what i do.

Well, when considering that all I see is all I can know, why is that unreasonable to you? I have no idea who in cockfuck you are, just that you look like a dumbshit.

You're an idiot. Everyone judges by what they see. That's how judging works. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake unless you happen to look like one.

While the "i'm reporting you" tactic might work on fagaffinity, LJ is administered in some semblance of propriety, and doesn't care what its users really say to each other. They'll tell you to go fuck yourself, except in possibly a nicer manner. :)

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