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Careful out there...
Careful in your dealings with wolfgangcake. He has a tendency to act very irrational. More info will be coming soon, but here's a hint of the style of irrational thinking he engages in.

wolfgangcake> omii pushed me to the point of hurting him, stalking cat knows over 7 years and been greats friend he know better than of you

That's right, he hit programzeta because "the bitch done deserved it". Like I said, be careful before you deal with him.

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funny i don't even know you, and you judge me for some small thing, show how shallow you are. show that you only know what you see.

what i see, it some one that doesn't even what to try know whom i am or what i do.

Well, when considering that all I see is all I can know, why is that unreasonable to you? I have no idea who in cockfuck you are, just that you look like a dumbshit.

You're an idiot. Everyone judges by what they see. That's how judging works. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake unless you happen to look like one.

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