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Careful out there...
Careful in your dealings with wolfgangcake. He has a tendency to act very irrational. More info will be coming soon, but here's a hint of the style of irrational thinking he engages in.

wolfgangcake> omii pushed me to the point of hurting him, stalking cat knows over 7 years and been greats friend he know better than of you

That's right, he hit programzeta because "the bitch done deserved it". Like I said, be careful before you deal with him.

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ok if i see you at a con i will confront you, funny i have no problem confronting people face to face. i don't know if you do.



Actually, tongue out of cheek now, now you look like a VIOLENT shithead as opposed to just a dumbass. Thanks for validating Kes's original post. :)

funny, not scene of VIOLETS. did said i was going to bit him up or anything like that?

points out your don't know anything about anyone.

you should go ask someone for a dime, so you can call someone who cares.


Confront me how? Walk up and go "hey dude you called me dumb on the Internet"? That'll sure show me.

nope, just enter dose myself, and kill ya with kindness

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