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How horny do you have to be to proposition someone in a public area of WoW? Yeesh...

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What if a drunken wuffy propositioned you right here right now!

Damnit, hit post too soon.

"But only if it resulted in you know what." ;3

I'd tell him good night, we'll speak in the morning :P

*pats your chest* I'm just playin with ya. *burps*

You started playing WoW? That explains why I haven't heard from you in eons :p

Are you playing on a rp server?

Also, it is very common, especially if you are playing a night elf or a blood elf.

No. Standard PvE server. And yeah, I'm playing a night elf. Gotta be the purple and/or ears.

this horny
(not to scale)

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