February 25th, 2009


More Acid 3 wankery

I got bored and decided to download and install nearly every browser I could to record exactly how well it does on the Acid3 test. Notable features include:

  • Safari 4 beta and the Chromium nightlies both completely pass. Come on Firefox, fix those last few bugs while you're finishing tracemonkey.
  • Old Netscape doesn't work under win64. I can't even install versions older than 6; it complains that the image is invalid. If I were arsed to do so, I'd install an older version of windows in a VM to play with. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow or something.
  • Acid3 hates opera. A lot of the older versions straight up refuse to run the test, even if javascript is confirmed to be enabled. Again, something else to poke with at some point, I guess.

Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. You see nice evolutionary changes in browser renderings, nothing too surprising, things slowly getting nicer and nicer looking, though I do miss the cat face picture that showed up in old versions of gecko.

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