May 9th, 2011


An open letter to Family Stations, Inc

The following is a message I emailed to regarding their hype up and allegations that May 21 is going to be the end of the world:

You have publicly announced a prophecy that on May 21, Jesus shall return to the Earth, and Believers shall be taken in the Rapture. I believe that this false prophecy has brought undue panic and fear into peoples' hearts. As such, I wish to place this offer with you.

If May 21 has come and passed with no Rapture, I challenge you to cease your ministry, divest all assets related to broadcasting, and spend every penny of that money assisting those people you misled and coaxed into dividing their families, destroying their friendships, and harming their children. The Bible has many passages condemning false prophets, and if it is discovered that you have misled people, I believe the only honorable, noble path is to assist these souls in regaining their life.

I sent that letter off on Sunday night, and will be patiently waiting for a response.
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