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No, no, no, no, no, no, no. If you think this looks good, you fail


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Actually, it ain't bad... very retro-ish and reminiscent of old Cadillacs in many ways. Unfortunately, it's also not inspection-worthy since there's no side-visible marker lights on the rear of the vehicle. But really? Compared to gaudy purple/yellow paintjobs with fartcan mufflers and giant useless wings? This is fairly subtle and rather interesting looking. Remove the "euro style" taillights and replace them with something that actually looks good and it's a fairly decent look.

Hey, us Europeans happen to think euro style lights look good :P

(I mean, they're that style in Europe for a reason - they sell :P)

Not my fault your continent has poor taste in taillights. Granted, on some German cars they look splendid, but they don't belong on every vehicle ever (Cue the 198X Chevy Suburban painted blue and dark blue in the standard two-tone rattlecan paintjob with no clearcoat... with euro taillights, window tinting, low-pro tires on 5-spoke chrome rims, and a lowering kit that I drove by on my way to work every day.)

:) I could say the American taste in taillights is bad, and by European standards, I'd be right.

I think that's what we call a culture, and different does not equal wrong. Poor taste in one culture is good taste in another.

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