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Censorship, in my livejournal?
Apparently, livejournal is at it again. Reports are that certain posters are unable to post about certain far-right Russian organizations. This is just the summary, join me in a few moments for the exciting conclusion when I try to post this acronym into livejournal.

Okay, update one. I am going to post the text in queestion. xxxx is the acronym in question. If things work (in)correctly, I will not be able to post this.

Okay, update two. Attempting to post the text in question did not work, with livejournal simply timing out. I have replaced the acronym with xxxx, let's see if livejournal now works.

This post, with the uncensored acronym:

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I think I will not use LJ anymore if this keeps up. >

I'm definitely getting off of LiveJournal as soon as feasable - I don't like people meddling in my affairs

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