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Please tell me this is someone being funny
Please? I want faith in humanity. California couldn't have possible gone this nuts, could it?

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Proposition 65 is basically one of those Good Intentions Gone Wrong stories. Because the legislation is, to oversimplify, poorly written and implemented, it's common practice to insulate oneself against litigation and other legal problems by putting stickers like that on damn near everything.

Yup- my RAV had the same warning when I test drove it. :x

and remember I'm the California supremacist

Re: and remember I'm the California supremacist

We need to do better!

the prototype shit that I work with from Japan, that will only ever be touched by people who /shouldn't/ need to be reminded about things like drinking gasoline, have all that stuff on 'em.

So you'd agree with me that we need pitchforks, torches, and a trip to sacto?

More like DC. This level of stupid needs to be stopped at its highest source, no?

You have a point. At the same time, DC's all the way across the country, and I don't think they'd let us take pitchforks and torches on the plane. Sacto's just a drive away.

Pitchforks aren't prohibited, a cigarette lighter is OK as is a can of hairspray, provided it's less than 1.5 oz. Torches (albeit short lived ones...) and pitchforks on a plane.

Done and done.

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