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No. No. Just no.

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?why not.... some people just need more help then the rule books can provide? (trust me..... on that i've dm'ed them)

?or is this about the fact that they have released yet another edtion?

?or the fact that that bookshelf contains a wheel of time book (a series that will never be finished *sniff* RIP?

Personally I view that anyone who requires a 'for dummies' to play something like DnD shouldn't be playing it. But that's my feelings on the matter.

Also, mew. ^-^

You know you and your boyfriend are nerds when...
You have copies of the same nerdy books.


Hey, crypto and I's bookshelf are only congruent on three nerdy things -- an opengl book, a perl book, and a copy of doove's transformations. Yay guys turning into chakats.

Ooooh, where can I get my paws on the last?

My bookshelves are probably non congruent with MOST other peoples shelves in more than small amounts. ^.^;

Yeah, eww eww eww. That Wheel of Time book needs to be dragged out and burnt. x.x

Odd, it just looks like the encyclopedic volume put out around the time of the 6th book, not the RPG...

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