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More Acid 3 wankery

I got bored and decided to download and install nearly every browser I could to record exactly how well it does on the Acid3 test. Notable features include:

  • Safari 4 beta and the Chromium nightlies both completely pass. Come on Firefox, fix those last few bugs while you're finishing tracemonkey.
  • Old Netscape doesn't work under win64. I can't even install versions older than 6; it complains that the image is invalid. If I were arsed to do so, I'd install an older version of windows in a VM to play with. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow or something.
  • Acid3 hates opera. A lot of the older versions straight up refuse to run the test, even if javascript is confirmed to be enabled. Again, something else to poke with at some point, I guess.

Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. You see nice evolutionary changes in browser renderings, nothing too surprising, things slowly getting nicer and nicer looking, though I do miss the cat face picture that showed up in old versions of gecko.


Netscape 6:

Netscape 6.2:

Netscape 7.2:

Netscape 9:

Opera 5:

Opera 6:

Opera 7.54:

Opera 8:

Opera 9.26:

Opera 9.6:

Chromium from 2/24/2009:

Safari 4 beta:

The good news is that we now have at least two browser engines that will pass Acid3, and more on the way. The bad news is that IE8 still sucks at javascript and will probably hold back reasonable internet development until MS gets off their asses and actually builds a javascript engine that doesn't suck. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening any time soon, because MS still doesn't want to cope with the fact that people want more from their browser than what IE 7 can give them. I have a feeling they will learn, but it's going to be a hard lesson for them to be certain.


For the hell of it, here's Netscape 8 in its multi-faceted glory. I'd do Safari 3 as well, but Apple makes it a bitch to have older versions of their browser :<

Netscape 8, Gecko Mode:

Netscape 8, IE Mode:
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