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Okay, more acid3 wankery

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of these recently. I'm a browser geek, and seeing progress is sometimes interesting. As per salia_chan's request, here are the old Firefoxen and Mozillas. I only did a few of the old old betas because acid3 doesn't like the old browsers, and crashed pretty consistently until Mozilla 1.2. I did get a few screenshots of some of the more interesting crashes, however.

Mozilla 0.6:

Mozilla 0.7:

Mozilla 0.9:

Mozilla 1.0:

Mozilla 1.1:

Mozilla 1.2:

Mozilla 1.3:

Mozilla 1.4:

Mozilla 1.5:

Mozilla 1.6:

Mozilla 1.7:

Seamonkey 1.0:

Seamonkey 1.1:

Seamonkey 2.0 alpha 2:

Phoenix 0.5:

Firebird 0.7:

Firefox 0.8:

Firefox 1.0:

Firefox 1.5:

Firefox 2.0:

I may do a few more later, depending on whether or not I feel like installing vmware and Windows 2000 on my box so I can play with some of the really old versions of Netscape Communicator and IE, but this is pretty much it for now, I think
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