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Unicode entity of the day
unicode has everything

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unicode has motherfucking MAHJONG TILES



unicode is literally a bunch of typophiles got high together and said "hey man. what if everything. what if everything was a character in a font set. what if the universe is a font."

the typophiles had their minds fucking blown. suddenly we must learn to draw every character in the universe. and of course we must also do this with computers.

that's what unicode is.

a typographical circle-jerk.

Saying this while in a green-tinted room, of course.

i can see the cubic splines! the autohinter! it's all coming clear to me now!

and it's fucking wonderful

Practicality aside, "The Unicode Entity" sounds like something that the crew of the Enterprise might encounter.

Indeed. Something defeated by routing auxiliary power through the main deflector dish, naturally.

(that's the sort of text-speak I could cope with)

My font doesn't show the symbol between the heart and the snowman. What's it supposed to be?

It's 26A5 MALE AND FEMALE SIGN. Who doesn't like snowmen with boobs and manparts? :P

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