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Fuck you microsoft, again
So there I was, minding my own business, about to format my hard drive fat32 so I can back things up, move things around, and get my music library onto my laptop, when I discover that MS has thoughtfully removed FAT support from the GUI. Thankfully, you can still format things fat32 from the command line, but still. What logical reason could they have for removing FAT32, which is pretty much universally supported at this point? Then again, this is microsoft, compatibility with the rest of the world is a naughty thing there.

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(Deleted comment)
Because OS X doesn't support NTFS writing.

what no it's not

windows supports it

linux supports it after years of reverse engineering and I still don't trust it entirely; I still hear "reboot into windows and let it check" from time to time as a solution to whatever magic dirty flag gets flipped in NTFS

there is a questionable ntfs-on-macfuse solution for OS X but there is notably nothing out of the box despite all the Apple raving about parallels

that is pretty much the end of the line; NTFS support outside Windows to me is on about the same level as "supporting" running Windows apps through wine.

meanwhile fat32 is supported by every platform and device from my ipod to my camera to my fucking toaster

otoh there are ext3 drivers for Windows, which I am more likely to trust than the above

Rumor has it that 10.6 will be shipping with an in house NTFS driver. I can only hope that rumor comes true.

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Yes, I see that. Said number is far lower than the partition size that FAT32 actually supports.

(Deleted comment)
Depends on the purpose. Microsoft doesn't do reasonable things like give out the specs to NTFS, so needing to transport a large amount of files between OS X and Windows is pretty much impossible without FAT32.

Lots of places say it caps at 32GB for the GUI, but I couldn't get it to let me format a 10GB 2.5" drive as FAT32 which was annoying as hell to say the least.

And "large files" can be a lot of stuff less than the 4GB limit, and even then, that's why multipart compression formats exist.

It's just dumb all around to remove the option.

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