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Obama doesn't care about equality
"The constitutional propriety of Congress's decision to decline to extend federal benefits immediately to newly recognized types of marriages is bolstered by Congress's articulated interest in preserving the scarce resources of both the federal and State governments."

I thought Obama was better than this. I thought he gave at least half a shit about his campaign policies. Perhaps McCain would have been better, at least then we'd know we were getting a slug in the white house and could plan accordingly. The last 6 months have been an abject failure for civil rights and I fear it'll only get worse.


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Small point of order: no federal benefits devolve from same-sex marriages in the states where they are/were legal, thanks to the federal Defence of Marriage Act. So, no retroactive benefit changes would have to be dealt with. And, even if there were massive changes in the legal landscape affecting such things, the constitutional principle of ex post facto would prevent any governmental entity from grabbing money where it was not originally entitled to it.

You raise interesting arguments. The pragmatist in me says you're probably right, it's better to get the economy back to something resembling stability before addressing civil rights. But, the angry idealist in me says fuck it, if we don't have equality under law, the whole basis on which the US was founded, why bother with anything else.

Peh. In the end, I have faith that things will work out as they should. But I share Kes' disappointment that someone elected on the rallying cry of change, of reason, and of order, is disappointing on all those fronts.

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