Kes Zerda (keskitsune) wrote,
Kes Zerda

Birthday party **updated**

See bottom for update

Sorry for the short notice. Shit got crazy for a while, so planning became tenuous at best. But I figure birthdays are as good a time as any to head out to the desert and fuck around, so that's just what I intend to do.

The plan: Head out Friday night, return Sunday sometime
The location: The middle of the fucking desert. Specifically, right about here.
How to get there:


From San Diego: Follow these directions. In short, take the 8 east to the 79 north. From there, take the 79 north to the 78 east. Once in Ocotillo Wells, you're going to want to look for the Ocotillo Airport. It's just a dirt landing strip, but is fenced. The street we are looking for is the first one after the airport. It's called Wolfe Well Road. From there, make a right on Holmes Camp Road. Holmes Camp is pretty obvious -- it's a large clearing with a lot of shade trees on one side.

From Los Angeles and Orange counties: Follow these directions. In short, take the 10 east to the 86 south. From there, drive until you hit the 78. Make a right, and again, we're going to be looking for White Well Road. Make a right on Wolfe Well Road, and another right on Holmes Camp Road, and start looking for us.

For a good map of the general area we'll be at, click here, and print it

If you get lost, just ask someone for direction to Holmes Camp. That's the campground we'll be staying at.

I'll try to make a post once I get there with more thorough directions for getting to town, but those will have to wait until I can get out there.

What to bring: Water, food, water, beer, water, whiskey, water, soda, water, rum. Typical camping fare, such as tents and sleeping bags. This will be a BYOB type event. I'm going to try to bring some food, but as I am on a bit of a tight budget at the moment, bringing enough food for a meal or two for yourself will be helpful. It will get kinda chilly at night, so you may want to bring an extra blanket. Also, some of us will be bringing dirt bikes, so if you have any other off road vehicles, bring those too. Airsoft is BANNED by the gov't. Firearms are expressly banned; bring a gun, I pee on you.

Suggested foodstuffs:
Ground beef, steak, potatoes, canned stuff, beans, eggs, anything that doesn't go bad easily, really. I'll try to bring enough for a good meal or two for everyone myself, but bringing food will be helpful.

Anything else:
Lemme know if you can or can't come, if there's limited response, I may postpone it a couple weeks so more can show up


Zaptan just informed me that Airsoft is banned from the state park area. So, leave airsoft at home.

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