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More oldschool film
Back before you had CGI making halfassed attempts at making the world more interesting, you had Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling with an actual physical set. This is how it's done, FX people


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From the time where you didn't see any wires or bad matte framing, because it didn't exist yet. And this is one of the easiest (and still impressive) tricks in the FX book :)

I like the 'old school' SFX better than skillfully animated explosives and the likes, because people had to get ~creative~ to make the world do what they needed it to do, instead of filling it in later. :)

Yep. And the saddest part is that the oldschool approach not only looks better than just doing it in front of a green screen, it probably costs a lot less money as well.

Sometimes it does look silly... Like in old slapstick movies where they have someone jump high up in a tree or something. They just filmed them jumping down and cut it in backwards, so coats and things are flapping the wrong way.

True. I should rephrase it to say the old school stuff in situations like this, where they're using set building tricks. Camera tricks is camera tricks.

Edited at 2009-07-31 12:14 pm (UTC)

Hehe, that's really cleverly done! Rotating set I assume, since I can't see any points at which the camera is switched.

Well, there's a few cuts here and there before he does the entire upside-down routine to replace the loose stuff he put down for secured furniture. Otherwise his hat and cout would've fallen off of the stand.

Well, I noticed that he put his hat down quite deliberately, I wondered if there was a locking mechanism for it on the post.

I suspect it was made deliberate for people to remember there are 'loose' things around. But they probably replaced it with a stand that had a glued-on hat and a wired coat to make sure it stays pointed 'down'.

Old school effects are so much nicer in some ways. Certainly don't have a fake feel. And are obviously real. Building a big rotating set isn't easy though. Notice how small the room is.

Don't get me wrong, it's still cool, and a testament to the technology of the time and perseveirance of film makers to do neat stuff and entertain!

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