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On apple's new found control freak nature
I find it sadly ironic that Steve Jobs, who began his career selling computer components designed to circumvent the effective access controls of the telephone system, is now reduced to selling blatant bullshit about the fragility of telephone networks. Certainly given his background, he should know better than to say that an unlocked cell phone can bring down a cell tower. It saddens me that he'd even try to repeat such bullshit. For shame, Steve Jobs, for shame.
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Of all the stuff to rage on, that's like the dumbest aspect.

Apple's lawyers, led by David L. Hayes of Fenwick & West LLP, claimed in comments submitted to the US Copyright Office that the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) system on the iPhone is necessary to combat drug dealers, safeguard the cell phone network, and prevent you from hurting yourself. They submitted these comments in response to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's request that users be able to "jailbreak" their iPhones.

Either way it's the same stuff most every cell company has trotted as being the reasons why they can do stuff like branded locked firmwares and not giving you the codes to unlock the handsets.

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