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New phone
Broke down and got a new phone after the sidekick fiasco. Htc my touch. Nice phone getting used to the touch screen display. Liking the haptic feedback, though I think I will have to spend some time to teach it to not second guess me with interesting words. Gonna miss the sidekick but I have a feeling it'll only get worse from here. Danger is very much Ma's red headed stepson.

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Yeah. I haven't lost any data yet, but then again I haven't turned my phone off since I got data service back! Its only a matter of time, though. I only found out data service was jacked because I dropped my phone one night and the battery popped out. Meh.

The whole thing stinks and while I was really looking forward to the latest Sidekick versions, I honestly don't know now. Data is ubercheap for the sidekick (I'm grandfathered in at the old rate), but what's the use when your information can be so easily lost by a couple of monkies that don't know how to back up data before messing with the SAN that holds the information for a couple million subscribers, and your device is completely cloud based.

I've been looking at other phones and carriers. Not sure if any of them are something I'd seriously look at as a contender for the replacement of my LX.

Tmobile- G1. Maybe the MyTouch (G1 without the keyboard in a slimmer package, all touch screen(capacitive))


HTC Ozone. Blackberry-esque layout, small screen. Have also heard the screen is so/so. Sim card compatible. Wifi. Has a keyboard.

Samsung Omnia. All touch screen (capacitive), 3.5" display, 64k TFT. 5MPixel autofocus camera w/video. 8Gig internal memory. Rev.A compatible. GPS. Amazing battery life under heavy use. Wifi. Business card reader. Opera browser default instead of IE.

Both Verizon offerings are Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. There is some serious confusion on which processor the Omnia has. Some people say it's 400MHz, some 500MHz, and still some 624MHz. Gizmodo claims its a 624MHz chip. I'll have to play with one to see if its something I'd actually like.

THe downside, and I think the biggest downside to the Mytouch as well as the Omnia, is that neither have a keyboard. They're touch only, and we all know how unresponsive capacitive touchscreens can be at times. Also means no more texing in the car like the terrible Californian that I am. :P

So, rant and random thoughts aside, please do let us (me ;)) know what you think of and how you like the touchscreen only input.

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